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            Make It Safe

            The simple act of anchoring your furniture to the wall can save your child's life

            "We don't let our kids ride a bike without a helmet, we buckle them into a car seat, we put up gates to keep them from falling down the stairs, why not anchor your furniture to the wall? From one parent to another, please keep your children safe, understand the dangers of TV and furniture tip-overs."

            Matthew Fischel - Vice-President STRUCTUBE
            An estimated annual average of 38,000 emergency department-treated injuries are associated with TV or furniture tip-overs.
            42 percent of tip-over fatalities occur in a bedroom.
            81 percent of tip-over fatalities occur in the home.
            2/3 of TV and furniture tip-over fatalities involve toddlers.
            Every 15 minutes someone in the U.S. is injured by furniture tip-over.
            On average, one child dies every two weeks from a TV or furniture falling on to him or her.

            Prevention Tips

            Never allow children to climb or play on furniture.

            • Place TVs on sturdy, low bases.
            • Do not place TVs atop chest of drawers
            • Anchor TVs and furniture with tipping restraints.* Follow the instructions provided
            • Keep remote controls, toys, and other items that might be attractive to children off TV stands or furniture.
            • Keep TV and/or cable cords out of reach of children.
            • Make sure freestanding kitchen ranges and stoves are installed with anti-tip brackets.
            • Supervise children in rooms where these safety tips have not been followed
            *Anchoring your furniture will significantly reduce, but not eliminate the risk of tip-over.

            Furniture Tipping Restraint

            You may find a tip-kit included with your purchase. Please make sure to install the restraint before using the furniture. If the tip restraint does not suit your wall or furniture, visit your local hardware store to find the tip restraint that works for you. Please do not use the item until it has been safely secured. If you did not receive a tip kit with your purchase and would like one, please visit one of our store locations we will gladly provide you with one free of charge with proof of purchase. At Structube, your safety is our priority.

            Make it safe instructions guide

            Order your tip kit


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